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Here you will find a collection of the projects and initiatives I support and the work I do in the world.

I am a conservation adventurer, professional speaker, an advocate for wild peace, a mountain wilderness guide and a writer.

I work in collaboration with innovative conservation NGO projects, businesses and individuals to make a difference.

I bring insight, value action, profit and vision to the projects I engage with. Ecological science, conservation corridors and an integrated ecological worldview is what I am passionate about, and my aim is to leave the world a wilder and more peaceful place.

Through my direct experiences, I share insight and help move projects forward, be they conservation related, business focused, or leadership orientated - I help create unique once-off trail and expedition experiences and employ the arts of storytelling and poetry to help groups of individuals, organisations and leaders access their individual points of insight to guide and transform the work they are inspired to do.

Galeo Saintz  



Trail Blazer Speaker Adventurer Peace Advocate Wilderness Guide Ecologist Leader Storyteller Businessman Writer Poet Insight Advisor